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Go Handmade

Wooden Row Counter

Knit, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

6,400 points
This product can only be purchased with points
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This product can only be purchased with points
Read about the Point Store here

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Product information

  • Category:
    Point Store
  • Brand::
    Go Handmade
  • Material:
    Antique metal (brass alloy) & wood
  • Text:
    Knit, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
  • Other:
    Fits needles up to 6 mm (US10)

An indispensable row counter for anyone who has a hard time keeping track of how many rows they’ve knit. If you need to make increases on, say, every 10th row, then a row counter is a great help! 

Contrary to items like digital row counters, it’s almost impossible to forget to count your rows with this row counter. Use it like so: Put the row counter on your needle at the start of the row – start with the one numbered 1. When you’ve finished knitting your row, you switch to ring number 2 and keep knitting. When you’ve worked your way through all 10 rings, it’s time to make your increase. Simple, right? And because you must move the counter from one needle to the other after each row, you won’t forget to count it. Awesome! 

This row counter is made from wood and metal and feels incredibly lightweight on your needles. At the end of the chain, you’ll find the mantra: Knit, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Number of rings: 10

Size of numbers: 1,4 mm"


I ordered this counter as a whim. I am so glad that I did. It is light and doesn't interfere with my knitting and makes keeping track of my rows so much easier as it's always in the right place to let me know when I need to increase or decrease. I wish that I had this years ago. Everyone needs this counter.


I really like this row counter; it's the right size and looks really pretty. My only misgiving about it is that the "blank" piece with the text is attached to the "1" marker and not the "10," which I think would make it easier to actually see the "10" when you're on the 10th row instead of using it more as a zeroth row marker.


Bought with points, works well and is light weight. The metal rings are not smooth but like a twisted bumpy texture, might be an issue if using really fuzzy yarn...might not. Glad to have it with points!

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