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Stitch Stopper Mix - 6 pcs.

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This product can only be purchased with points
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This is a cute little pack of soft and fabulous stitch stoppers that you won’t be able to live without once you’ve tried them.

The stitch stoppers slide easily onto the knitting needles and help you keep your stitches firmly on the needles when your project is in your bag. They’re also great when you need to try on your top-down sweater since they will keep the stitches from sliding off the needles while you try it on. I think we’ve all been there ;-)

This pack has six stitch stoppers in 3 different sizes and colors. They fit needles up to 8 mm (US 11).

2 pcs, small: 18 x 12 mm
2 pcs, medium: 16 x 10 mm
2 pcs, large: 14 x 10 mm

Colors: Mushroom, Blue, and Vintage Pink
Material: EVA 


These are so much better than the stoppers I have been using since I started knitting decades ago! The stoppers that only go on the ends of the knitting needles fall off all the time. These, however, can be scooched down onto the needle far enough that they will not fall off, plus they have so much grab, I am never in fear that they will be gone when I come back to my work! I thought I lost one overnight a couple of weeks ago, thought maybe one of the cats found it and pulled it off a hook or it rolled off a stand. No, I forgot I used a different size and this one had fallen to the floor. Luckily, they are nearly indestructible, so when I found it days later, it was perfectly fine, waiting for me to put it away with its mate. One of the best gifts I've gotten in a long time!


Very good quality stopper. Happy with my point purchase. Thank you, hobbii.


They do the job perfectly! 💪 I like that there are multiple sizes.

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