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Darning Needle with a Blunt and Curved Tip

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This product can only be purchased with points
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A beautiful wool/darning needle with a blunt, curved tip. The curved tip makes weaving in the ends on your knit or crocheted projects even easier. The blunt tip helps the needle slide trough or along the stitches and prevents the needle from getting tangled in the individual threads. This needle is perfect for weaving in ends and darning socks.

The large eye fits most yarns. It’s finally fun to weave in ends!

Material: Aluminium

Number: 1 pc

Length: 7 cm (2 ¾ in)


I really like this needle, but it took some time to get used to the curved tip. You have to watch out which way it curves, but once you have used them a few times, you get the hang of it and it actually makes sense to have that curve. Being blunt it is much less likely to split the stitches when putting things together. It is a little think for most beading work, but using this needle gave me the idea to bent an other needle I use for beading. the bent tip makes it easier to pick up the beads. I highly recommend this needle, but remember, don't give up with it first seems uncomfortable to use. it won't take long for you to love them like I do.


I used my points to get this metal needle and it makes sewn bind-offs easier and faster to get through! I have done an Italian bind-off with a straight needle, and while the finish was beautiful, I did not enjoy the experience. With the angle of this needle, I felt more confident to try a tubular bind-off hems of a sweater body and enjoyed the process even when I had to redo it for better tension (since it was my first time binding off using this technique). A fine tool that will be a staple in my kit!! I don't think I'll go back to using a straight needle (unless attaching buttons)!


When I got this as a gift in an order, I couldn't imagine why the bent tip would be of any benefit. But once i started using it, I NEVER use a straight needle for stitching in yarn ends. You just twist the needle a tiny bit to catch some parts of stitches to lock down ends, instead of having to twist the whole PROJECT you are working on to attempt to do close to the same thing. I will NEVER be without this type of needle!!


Before I got this as a freebie with my order, I had only ever used those cheap little plastic needles. And let me tell you- this is a HUGE step up. I used to hate sewing pieces together or weaving in ends- this makes the process so much easier. I'm still using some of my old ones, as I like to keep separate things in each of my project bags, but next time I place an order they'll be replaced with these lovely things.


I have recently learned how to crochet a cover for a rock. the needle come in handy when I must finish it on
the bottom. The rock is about palm size and any where from 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The larger plastic needles might break. I have just finished my 2nd rock. When I finished them, I add a stone, pearl etc. over the first chain and joining stitch. Use it for a paperweight .

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