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Pearl Buttons w. Stones - Silver - Multiple Sizes

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Beautiful pearl buttons to complete a pretty project! The buttons have a silver colored edge with clear stones resembling diamonds and a pretty pearl in the middle. Use the eye on the back of the button to attach it to your project. 

Color: Silver
Material: Zinc alloy
Number: 4 pcs.

Care of buttons:
We recommend exclusively washing these buttons by hand. If you insist on machine washing them, turn the clothes inside out to protect the buttons from the drum of the machine. As added protection, you could wrap the buttons in tinfoil. 

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These buttons are really pretty, with a great 'classic' look to them. A bit lighter than I was expecting, but the edges are nice and round, so they don't catch on any fabric. Only plan to use them on projects you plan to hand-wash, though; the instructions on the label say not to put them in the machine, and that seems consistent with them not feeling very sturdy.

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