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Nova Cubics DPNs

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KnitPro Nova Cubics double pointed needles are the perfect choice for you to knit small circumferences with small regular stitches. The DPNs are available in two lengths: 15 cm/ 6" and 20 cm/ 8". Both shorter than normal DPNs, making it more comfortable to knit the smaller circumferences.

Square knitting needles are ideal for beginners, as they are easier to hold than the classic round knitting needles. For this reason, they are also nifty if you suffer from arthritis or have weak wrists.

With the Nova Cubics series you get the best of both worlds: the strength and smooth surface of the brass, as well as the square shape that makes the knitting needles easy to hold.

The DPNs are available in two lengths:  15 cm/ 6" and 20 cm/ 8" , and in all sizes from 2-8 mm / US 8-11. Each set contains 5 double pointed needles.


It was my first try of cubic needles. I struggled through the first 10 rows, but I liked the result. They don't smell and don't make noisy sound. I plan to order them again in a bigger size. I was only upset about delivery, it took longer than expected, definitely not 12 business days.


cubic double point needles. Love the square needles. first introduced tome by the Kollage co. but these were the proper length I wanted. If you haven't tried the cubic needles, do so, they are all that they say. cuts soreness and keeps great gauge.


I'm partial to metal needles, and these are great! The squared shape is easier for me to hold while working, and the yarn slides beautifully while stitching. They are also sturdy and seem as though they will last through many projects


It's more difficult than I thought to find 6.5mm metal needles, and I was pleased when I found these. The shape is lovely and sits nicely in my hands, especially as a beginner knitter where everything feels weird. My only issue with these is that they're brass, with a silver colored plating. That's not an issue to most people, but many metal smells, or the smell of sweat on metal, actually makes me feel kind of sick. That isn't a fault of the needles themselves, and they work as intended. Also, your friends will think you're cool for having square dpns.


I love square knitting needles and these are beautiful to work with. The only reason they are getting a 3 star review is because the finish is to glossy and shines too much when using them under my lamp which is distracting. Would be a five star review if they had been done with a matte finish instead.

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