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Metal Rings, 30 cm, 2 pcs.

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Are your fingers tingling, and do you want to throw yourself into a cozy and creative project? Then you should consider the fun opportunities you have with these metal rings. Maybe you know a little one who needs a fine mobile with homemade teddies over the changing table. Or a slightly bigger one who would like a dreamcatcher in their room. Maybe you want to decorate the home with a fine mandala, or throw yourself into string art? You’re only limited by your imagination :-)

Material: Metal
Quantity: 2 pcs.
Measurement in diameter: 30 cm
Colors: Vintage Rose - Grey/Blue - Mushroom - White

The rings come in different sizes, and you’ll find the link at the top of the page.

Find patterns for this product here: Patterns (1)


These rings are the perfect size to use at the top of a macrame planter. They are also great to hold all your nice place markers for your knitting or crochet. Just hook them all on and your all organized!!

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