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Go Handmade

Macramé Deluxe, 5mm

100% Cotton

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
    Go Handmade
  • Content:
    100% Cotton
  • Weight:
    ±375 g (13.2 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    50 m (55 yds)
  • Care instructions:
    Machine wash 40°C (104°F) / Do not tumble dry
  • Hashtag:

Go Handmade has made this exquisite and modern, top-quality macramé yarn. Macramé Deluxe is a true luxury yarn made from 100% cotton, and it’s both light and lovely to work with and at the same time very soft on your hands. You don’t need either knitting needles or crochet hooks for this yarn - you braid/macramé it with your fingers.

Macramé yarn, rope yarn, or braiding yarn, if you will, is perfect for all kinds of decorative projects, large and small. It can be used for details such as plant hangers, home decor, wall hangings, dreamcatchers, mobiles, etc. The photos on this page are simply meant as inspiration - and you can find patterns for this type of DIY wall hanging anywhere on the internet, so get to it.

Macramé Deluxe is 4-ply, meaning that it consists of 4 threads that have been twisted together. You’ll find it in several different thicknesses via the link further up on the page. 

Color: Natural
Thickness: 5 mm


A great cord to work with, knot definition is great. Brushing it give a great fringe.

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