Yarn information

Weight 500 g
Hashtag #hobbiiluckybagacrylic

Lucky Bag Acrylic - 500 g (approx. 18 oz)

Here you get an exciting lucky bag containing 500 grams of mixed acrylic yarn. Colors, brand, and skein size are completely randomly mixed, which means that you can both get a bag where no skeins are the same, but you can also get a bag full of the same skeins. All you know for sure is that you’ll get 500 grams of lovely acrylic yarn. Are you brave enough to see what you’re going to get in your lucky bag? 

Good luck with your lucky bag! 

NB: Please note that the bag may contain both pure acrylic yarns and mixed yarns.


Just ordered and received my first acrylic mystery bag and I was not disappointed. I got a nice assortment of colors, textures and weights. In fact I started making a granny square blanket using two of the worsted weight skeins I got, the two colors just look so pretty together. As always I am so happy with my purchases from Hobbii. The service and products are just the best. Looking forward to ordering more mystery bags in the future.


I LOVE the mystery bags! I have gotten a few now and they are the best! It is so fun to be surprised and the yarns are always lovely. It also helps me be creative and go outside my comfort zone sometimes, since I might get yarns I wouldn't normally choose for myself. I'm never disappointed and always throw these bags in my cart when they are available. The price is also wonderful! I have no complaints at all.


Every time I order if this item is in stock I put it in my cart. Never disappointed by what is in the bag. It's like Christmas. Lots of times if it is not in stock I will wait until it is in stock before I order. I love this company. Thank you.
Are you really celebrating only two years in business? You conduct your business very well, I thought you were old business pros.


I just received my Hobbii order and couldn't wait to tell you how much I love my Lucky mystery bags. I ordered two and each is different. I got several types of yarns that I was excited to see "in person" and to try. I knit chemo caps and also clothes for 19 inch dolls, so I will have fun. The Amigo Chunky and DK will be really great for my charity knitting!!


I bought two of these assorments so I could keep one for myself and put the other in a fundraising raffle basket I am making. However, now I need to decide which assortment I want! One had all different yarns, and the other had several skeins of the same yarn, same color, so enough to really make something. Good assortments, good price, with a bonus tote bag.

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Yarn information

Weight 500 g
Hashtag #hobbiiluckybagacrylic

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