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Lucky Bag Mixed Fibers - 500 g (17.6 oz)

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    500 g
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Do you like the excitement that a lucky bag full of 500 grams (17.6 oz) of mixed fibers brings you? Colors, brand, fiber content, and skein size are completely randomly mixed. You can get a bag with many different skeins, but you can also get 500 grams of the same yarn. All you know for sure is that you’ll get 500 grams of mysterious and lovely yarn. Are you brave enough to see what you’re going to get?

Good luck with your lucky bag!


Just realized I reviewed the Lucky Bag Shine thinking it was this (if you see that other review plz ignore), so I thought I'd leave a proper review here

Loved the variety that came in this bag. I got a skein of pearly haze in misty violet, Diablo Multi in vivid blue and color 17, panettone in 13, umami tweed in 21, and Miss Sparkle in 2, 5, and 6. I think I received discontinued colors cuz I could not find their names when I looked them up, and Miss Sparkle is being discontinued. Not too upset about this cuz I understand it's a smart business practice and a way of getting rid of excess stock/ inventory, but I'm also mildly preparing myself to be inconvenienced if I do run out of those specific colors. Regardless, I did receive an excellent variety of yarns in stunning colors at a great value and I'm excited to work with them and think up projects (the moment I saw Miss Sparkle, I knew I was going to make a Christmas sweater with it : ) so I'm content.


Very happy with this bag! They are all yarns I've never used before, but I'm excited to try. There were enough skeins of each color/type to make a couple small projects. I really like the color choices and that I can try some yarns I don't typically get to work with.


This is my first Lucky bag in a long time and I am very pleasantly surprised. Great range in types of yarns with enough of each to make a project!


Such an exciting bag of yarn! I got two types I've been wanting to try!

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