Latex Rubber Milk - White – 250 ml

ROC natural latex is an air-drying liquid rubber well-suited for felted wool, carpets, and knit or crocheted socks to prevent them from sliding around on smooth surfaces.
Paint 3-5 coats on the bottom of your project with a paint brush and let the latex dry between each coat. To make life easier for yourself, you can insert a piece of cardboard in the socks before painting on the latex.

You can also use the latex as a fabric glue by brushing both items with the latex and pressing them together.

Wash: Projects coated with the latex can be washed at a maximum of 30°C (86°F).

Contents: 60% natural latex, water, <0,3% ammonia

NB: Wash the paint brush immediately after use. The latex cannot withstand frost and should be kept out of reach of children.
Shake well before use. 

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (1)

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