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New and improved version with longer battery life.

This Neck Light Deluxe is the perfect light for those who would like to knit and crochet in good lighting. The neck light is worn around your neck so your hands are free to knit, read etc.

The two ends of the light have LED bulbs that may be lit simultaneously or individually. The two bulbs can be moved around and customized independently, so you may shed light on several elements at a time e.g. knitwear as well as pattern.

The neck light is available in two sizes: 60 cm and 73 cm. If you prefer to knit/crochet close to your chin, choose the small one of 60 cm. If you prefer to work further away from your face, choose the large one of 73 cm.

Please note that a small error has occurred in the manual. The batteries are NOT included in the package. You need two AA batteries to use the lamp.

Please follow our instructions on where to insert the batteries (see picture).

Technical data
Lumen: 20-25 lm
Kelvin: between 6500-7500 kelvin


I have been using this everyday since it arrived, in particularly to finish a large blanket that i made with darker brown yarn and is hard for me to see the stitches so I can weave in the over 1200 tails that I need to weave in at the color changes so I have been using the neck light and is awesome I can see each and every stitch the only gripe I have is that I cannot really tell there is a difference in the two brightness settings they seem the same to me I would like for the brightest to be just a bit brighter. But i absolutely love the light and it is actually comfortable to wear no neck strain and I wore it for over eight hours the other day with no neck fatigue even though it feels quite weighty when just handling it so I thought there would be a concern I was totally off base. Best purchase so far this season for my crochet business.


I just got this yesterday and wow does it ever give off the light. With the two strengths of illumination, I shouldn't have any trouble trying to see the stitches on a navy blue popcorn stitch unicorn afghan that I am making for a friend's granddaughter's birthday after my rotator cuff rehab is completed. The neck part is much sturdier with the metal and I'm looking forward to using it for a number of years. I have another one that shows two contrasts of light but is forever "eating" batteries. So I sincerely hope this one outlasts that one. It feels sturdier as well. Thanks for a great product.


This is a SERIOUSLY well made light. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product! It is beautiful! The box it ships in is amazing as well and will be so useful to hide it from my grandchildren! (I am still looking for a pair of scissors, 2 hooks and the bar of soap from the bathroom! ) needless to say I am totally happy, wish I had purchased it sooner, and loooove it! Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that the adjustable light is Fantastic as well. Thank you for a quality product, new stitch markers and a sweet! This is a great business and I am happy to support it!


I’m so pleased with this neck light (73 cm length) that I’m ordering a second one because my husband is jealous and wants one for his own use. ;-)

This is a solid quality light that hangs comfortably from the neck. The flexible cord easily molds to fit any size neck and holds the light positions without drooping. The light ends have two light settings and each has a button switch for individual control.

The neck light is arrives in a book-style storage box with a foam insert and magnetic closure flap for convenience and compactness.


I have two of the Neck Light Deluxe. And my husband bought me one too. I used one for a gift and use the others daily for crocheting at night. I even use it to walk around the house at night so as to not have to turn on lights and disturb my husband. I have used it in the car while traveling so I can crochet with out effecting the driver. My cousin (99 years old) uses hers to read because she needs extra light to see when she reads. I crochet mostly scrubbies, cradle purses, baby blankets, towel hangers and dishcloths.

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