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Go Handmade

Glass Beads - 30 g (1 oz)

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Unique glass beads from Go Handmade! 

Go Handmade’s rocailles glass pearls are among the best in the world. The finished beads have gone through many different steps from raw material to the beautiful, solid, finished beads. The factory has put a big effort into creating a quality product that ensures uniform beads - both in relation to size and color. Most of the beads’ beautiful colors and finish are what they call Baked finish, meaning that they’ve been glazed. 

Glass beads are great for bead crocheting items like bracelets or basket handles. We recommend you buy a bead needle for your work - you won’t regret it. You’ll find a link further up on the page. 

With these beads, you’ll be treated to a wealth of beautiful colors! The beads come in a nice little storage bottle. The bottle is made from a strong acrylic quality and with a solid screw cap in aluminum. 

Bead care: Even though the beads have a durable surface, they shouldn’t come into direct contact with water and soap for long periods of time. To protect the beads and their colors against the test of times we recommend that you treat them gently and when washing them and only hand wash the items in lukewarm water. 
Material: Glass
Size: 2,1 - 2,3 mm
Hole: 0,9 - 1,0 mm

We wish you tons of fun with these! 

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Gorgeous beads, with a beautiful colour and a lovely sheen. They are small, perfect for fine work. Hobbii, will you be selling larger beads (size 6) as well in future?
Just one minor point: in the first shipment I received some of the containers were warped, one of them so much it won't stand upright.


Love these beads. Works great for bead crochet

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