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Lucky Bag Shine - 500 g (17.6 oz)

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    500 g (18 oz.)
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Here’s an exciting lucky bag containing 500 g (17.6 oz) of mixed, shiny yarn.

The bags are mixed completely randomly, which means you may get skeins of different yardages, weights, and colors. You may receive a bag containing varying colors and skein types, or you may get a bag where all skeins are the same. Whether the yarn is made of wool, cotton, acrylic, or a blend is also a surprise. There’s no way of knowing. All you know for sure is that every skein will have some sort of shine. A shiny effect from the dying process, a reflective thread, or glittery metallic fibers … Well, you’ll have to wait and see! Do you want to take a chance on a fun lucky bag?

We only have a limited number in stock.

We wish you the best of luck! 


Loved the variety of this bag and I have always found lucky bags the best way to try a variety of yarns and brands. I got a skein of pearly haze in misty violet, diablo multi in vivid blue and color 17 (also another yarn I think I will love working with and am excited to use), panettone in 13, umami tweed in 21, and miss sparkle in 2,5, and 6. I think I did receive discontinued colors and/or yarns as I could not find the names of certain colors when I looked up the yarns and knowing that miss sparkle is being discontinued, but Im not too upset about that. I think its a smart business practice and a way of getting rid of excess stock/ inventory but I'm also mildly preparing myself to be inconvenienced if I do run out of the yarn in those specific colors. Regardless, I did receive and excellent array of yarns in beautiful colors and I'm excited to work them and think up projects (the moment I saw miss sparkle, I knew I was going to make a Christmas sweater with it : ).


Very happy with the bag I received! My bag contains 10 skeins of the same type of reflective yard- 2 skeins of each color. The colors are all complementary and beautiful. While all the items are currently also on sale, getting the sample bag saved me $13.50 off the sale price, and it was a great introduction to this type of yard. If the yarn wasn’t on sale, it would be a savings of $67 USD! What a bargain for beautiful, high-quality yarn. Now to find a project to use it with- thinking of making something for our Westie and Scottie when walking them at night.


best ever!
i got 10 skeins of starlight in 3 beautiful colors, it was a yarn i’ve had my eye on for a while because it is simply so pretty:) this bag had a value of $94 and i paid $27!!!! can’t recommend lucky bags highly enough honestly, i’ve gotten quite a few of them at this point and i’ve always been so so so satisfied with the contents especially considering the price


This was fun. I got Starlight and while I probably would have never ordered this yarn for myself I am happy that this is what I got because it will make some great Winter hats. I would definitely order the Lucky Bag again, as it is just a fun way to get a yarn to try out.


I got 10 skeins of starlight in 5 colors. I gave 2 to a friend that works with a lot of wool. Keeping the other 8 as I love how they compliment each other. I'm thinking hats for my daughter's and I. Would definitely get this again.

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