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Wool Soap / Wool Detergent

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Treat your yarn projects in wool with our new Eucalan wool detergent with lanolin!

Eucalan wool detergent is free from toxins, bleaches, phosphates, perfumes and dyes and keeps your wool projects soft and delicious. Eucalan is ph-neutral and all fragrances come from essential oils. Can be handwashed and machine washed. We sell it in 2 sizes (100 and 500 ml) and 5 fragrance variants: Grapefruit, Jasmin, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Neutral.

Note that Eucalan is NOT to be flushed out (This is also an advantage as too much rinse gets strings to look laundered), to maintain lanolin and essential oils, which causes moths to fly off.

With this 500 ml bottle there are approximately enough for 75-100 washbasins. In addition, the bottles are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable.


Works very well. The unscented variety really does have almost no detectable odor, which is nice. One warning: it's a little ambiguous in the product description, but this detergent *is* lanolin-enriched, so if you have a wool allergy, and were planning to use it for other natural fibres, it won't be a good fit.


Love this soap. Easy to use. No rinse and the scents, gentle and calming, not too overpowering at all. Favorite scents are the Jasmine and the Unscented, which is ideal for baby knitted items.


This works very well, and I really like the unscented version. I’m very sensitive to fragrances, so it’s great to have a fragrance-free option.


I like how this soap feels and the unscented doesn’t have a scent! I use it to wet block my knits.


I absolutely love this product! Eucalan is perfect for wet-blocking or general cleaning.

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