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Wool Needles/Tapestry in Plastic

6 pcs

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Product information

Tapestry needles are good for weaving in ends. The needles are blunt and the eye is large and easy to thread. The set contains 3 needles in two different sizes

The packet includes:
- 3 needles size 2 x 72 mm.
- 3 needles size 3 x 93 mm.

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Came as a freebie which was a delight but I didn't think I would really need plastic hooks. But sewing in ends is awful, especially with thinker yarns that split or fray easily at the cut end (which is apparently the only kind I use). The large "eye" is a godsend on the thinner needle and both needles have much more generous eyes than my metal ones. If I drop the needle, it is so lightweight it stays threaded, where if I dropped my metal one, i would end up pulling the thread out of the needle entirely trying to find it. Tip isn't sharp but it is pointed enough to do what I need. Never thought I would love these as much as I do but I reach for them more than any other needle!


These cam as a free gift with my first order with Hobbii. While plastic, they are sturdier than they look and I appreciated the flexibility they had compared to my metal tapestry needle. These plastic ones come in two sizes which was very helpful for weaving in ends, and they are very smooth. The larger needle eye is also more accommodating for bulkier yarns compared to my metal needle. This product has its place in my toolkit.


These came in my order as a “freebie”. I love the neon colors as they show up on just about every project, they are flexible without breaking and are great for bulk yarns.I had a throw I needed to weave ends in on just sitting unfinished I wanted to try these out and needless to say the job is done. They are a great product all around.

Peggy Haynes

I also purchased this pack of yarn needles...a must to have when you are joining seams in knitting or crocheting. The thing I really liked about these needles are the bright colors as I will be able to see where my needle is sewing on seams no matter the color of yarn I am sewing seams on.


I am so happy to receive these as a free gift from Hobbii for purchasing yarn. I go through these like crazy because I’m always losing them in the couch. I really love these tapestry needles, smooth plastic, goes through yarn easy, and comes in 2 sizes. Love them!!

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