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Swings Crochet hook

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Material:
    Aluminium and silicone
  • Length:
    16 cm ( 6.3" )
  • Width:
    2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.25(D), 3.5(E), 3.75(F), 4.0,(G) 4.5, 5.0,(H) 5.5(I), 6.0(J), 7.0, 8.0(L)
  • Color:
    Varies with each size

It is now also possible to buy the gorgeous Swings crochet hook individually. Addi Swings is a colorful, ergonomically formed crochet hook which relieves the hand and shoulder when you crochet. The handle has been redesigned and strengthened on the inside, so it is of course nickel-free. It has been manufactured from aluminium and has a silicone handle, it is 16 cm long and each size has its own color.


These are the best hooks I have ever used! I was a fan of the Prym ergonomic hooks, but the smaller sizes snap very easily.
I thought I would try a 3.0mm in the Addi Swings because of the ergonomic handle and metal hook. Well, I'm hooked on these hooks! They are super comfortable to use and no hand or thumb pain at all! I can crochet for extended periods again ❤️
I started with one, now I own the whole set!


I never understood before why everyone seemed to be over the moon about "ergonomic" crochet hooks--since having tried these, I almost can't bring myself to use ordinary straight-shank hooks anymore. By far the most comfortable crocheting experience I've ever had.


I have to admit that since I was used to using straight hooks with no handles, the length of the hook part took a little bit to get used to. But they fit perfectly in your hand! My hands used to cramp up on long projects, but these hooks have made that soo much better!


I started out with 2 of these "funny looking" hooks, well today I own the whole set and absolutely love them. These hooks are my go to for all my projects and I have many different types of hooks. I really like how they feel in my hand.


My friend who is a beginner complained that there might be only one way to hold it at first, but after a few days' use, I disagree! So versatile! I love that this exercises different parts of my arm/hand than usual straight hooks!

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