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Stitch markers with Wire

2 pcs.

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Number:
    2 pcs.
  • Material:
    Metal wire
  • Needle size:
    Fits all needle sizes

Spice up your knitting projects with these elegant stitch markers! 

Handmade stitch markers with real stones that will fit all your needles. Use them to mark your increases and decreases, where a new pattern begins or ends, or simply where a new round starts.

These stitch markers are truly luxurious. They are made by hand, and each one is adorned with three unique stones from nature’s own treasury.

Calm and steady hands made tiny holes in the small stones to fit the size of the soft wire, which was then carefully worked through the stone. The little metal bead is a beautiful detail that helps the stone stay on the wire. 

Since each stone is unique, the sizes, colors, and shapes of the stones may vary slightly. 

Number of stones: 3 pcs.
Size of stone: approx. 10 mm (0.4in) at widest point.

Rose quartz: Comes in many different shades and transparencys.
Aventurine: Characterised by its semi-transparency with visible flecks of mineral trapped inside.
Crystal: Common in mountains around the world.
Black Agate: Agate comes in many different colors. Agates a very common in most of the world.
Amethyst: Part of the quartz family, and the colors can vary from a delicate lilac to deep purple.

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