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Seam Ripper

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A pretty and sharp, small seam ripper. This is a good tool to have in all of your project bags. There will always be a thread that needs to be cut. This pretty, little thing does not take up a lot of space in your bag, and it comes with a protective cap, so it does not cut something it shouldn’t while it’s having a good time in your bag with the knitting project. 


I received this as a free gift with my yarn. Wow! Thank you! I had only one seam ripper like this, in blue, so it's absolutely great to have a second. Getting it with my yarn reminded me how much I enjoy recycling yarn from sweaters (because I use a seam ripper constantly as I'm taking the panels apart from one another), so I actually bought a pile of 2-4 dollar sweaters at the thrift shop and started taking them apart, along with a couple I'd stashed but never got around to frogging. For $4.50 I recycled over 1300yds of pure cashmere tweed fingering; for $2 I recycled over 1900yds of 100% undyed sportweight lambswool. And then there's the silk & merino & angora fingering (red& white for $1) and the $1 mohair sweater (black, charcoal, white) and $2 lambswool (coral & white) sweaters still left to take apart. Thank you for this gift! I've already gotten so much done with it!


A little on the small side, so using it for a huge project all at once won't be as comfortable as it would be with a longer or more ergonomic handle. But that to me isn't worth removing a star simply because this thing is SHARP and the plastic cap is made of thicker, sturdy plastic unlike the flimsy ones on other versions. This thing needs a cap or it will stab through anything, so I appreciate that the cap fits snugly, doesn't slide off and has withstood me stepping on it twice. It is compact so it doesn't take up any room in my crafting kit and I've been needing one for ages. I wish it was still in stock because I will probably lose this to my couch cushions or the cats... so right now I am protecting it with my life haha

Jeanene Ketchum

This was a great surprise in my order along with the little candy! :)
It's the small little touches that a company does that make me any to come back. When you think about your customer and it's shows I commend you! Although I'm not a seamstress I do use a seam ripper while I crochet at times when frogging a project. So this was a great find in my order. Thank you!


I got this as a free gift with my yarn purchase, but it’s definitely worth the three dollars you would pay to get it. Like the description says, it is very sharp and I’ve had no problem ripping through even worsted yarn with it. But my favorite part is how sturdy the cap seems. I break most of the cheap plastic covers within a month, but this one is holding out!


My first Hobbii shopping experience resulted in a seam ripper free gift and a cherry candy! As a marketing major, little touches like this bring a smile to one’s face as they unpackage their purchased goodies. I commend Hobbii for thinking about the extras and going the extra distance to ensure customers have a smile on their face with their Hobbi experience!!

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