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Scissors - Stork - Large

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Product information

Cool and delicate scissors that are a little out of the ordinary. The shaft is shaped like a stork, which adds some fantastic flair to the scissors. These scissors are of great quality and they’re perfect for smaller projects, such as weaving in the ends or when you have to cut into knitting.

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Amazing scissors, just the right size to fit in a project bag and so cute for every Instagram picture!


these are the cuter scissors i will ever own! they're just so pretty i'm flabbergasted

Johanie hobbi

Cute scissors kids love it and sharp enough to cut lot


Design looks great and mine have lasted me a while. Love to use these and they work well as use. Beautiful design just as I was expecting.


These scissors are gorgeous but the only issue I have is that they don't cut the yarn very well. Due to this, it makes the scissors more of a decorative than functional pair of scissors. I also have the guitar one and that one cuts way better.

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