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100% Paper

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Yarn information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Content:
    100% Paper
  • Weight:
    50 g (1.75 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    85-90 m (92-98 yds)
  • Recommended needles:
    4 mm (US 6)
  • Knitting gauge:
    17 stitches, 23 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Recommended crochet hook:
    4 mm (US G-6)
  • Crochet gauge:
    15 stitches, 16 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Care instructions:
    Wipe with damp cloth
  • Hashtag:

Paulina is our very own paper yarn that comes in a variety of fabulous colors. The yarn can be used for knitting, crocheting, and macramé. Get started on lots of different interior projects (like placemats, coasters, baskets, flowerpot hangers, etc.) or accessories like hats, bags, etc.

Combine two or more colors to give your project an exciting look and get a more rustic feel. 

The yarn consists of two strands and is recyclable as paper waste. If you need to clean it, only use a warm, damp cloth and let it dry quickly afterward. 

Small tip: Paulina can also be used as a ribbon when you wrap presents. A more sustainable and prettier alternative to the classic plastic ribbons. 

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When these came I was surprised how small they were, but I made a couple drawstring pouches with one of them and it is still going strong. There is a ton of yardage there, even if it does look like a large spool of thread. Pretty easy to crochet with - no issues keeping the stitches even or consistent. If anything it was easier as they didn't come loose or stretch out once 'crimped' (quick tug on the string to tighten the stitch before the next one). My hands and wrists got sore if I didn't take a break, but compared to tshirt yarn this is nothing. I love the way the projects keep their shape! I prefer this to raffeta as it gives a similar look and feel but has a more consistent, thin, reed-like appearance.


I saw this and it was too cool for me to not try. It is very small, but extremely densely packed. I can't even squish it with all my strength so I know there's a good amount in there. It hurt my fingers to work with, but that's to be expected. I'm making a basket out of the darkest brown and it looks really nice and has a great natural feel. The paper does not rip easily if you're worried about that. It's as strong as normal yarn but holds its shape much better. I recommend to make decorations!


This material is not the texture of a yarn, so be aware is not soft, but it was perfect for me to make a hat. The material is easy to crochet regardless of the texture, once I finish my hat I just love the texture because is flexible and you can bent it to shape the way you want. Also can fold and put it in you luggage to travel on beach trip. I am very happy with my purchase.


I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It is easy to crochet. I made a few summer hats from Paulina and they came out very nice. My friends were very happy to receive my hats as presents. I was waiting for this yarn to come for sale again on Hobbii. Highly recommend crocheting sun hats.


This yarn is great to work with! I crocheted a beach hat and I love it! I agree with the person who stated it was easier to work with that the Rafaela. I have lots of both. Great colors and love it for summer bags and hats. Grab it before it’s gone for good!

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