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Needle sizer

Simple Plastic Knitting Needle Size Gauge Ruler Weaving Tools Inches or CM

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Product information

This needle sizer is the perfect tool if you want to check the size of your hooks or knitting needles. Measures both metric and US needle and hook sizes from US size 0 (2.0 mm) up to US size 15 (10 mm).

The needle sizer is oblong and has a 5 inch ruler down one side and 14 cm down the other side, which is handy for measuring your stitch count or row count.


This is very useful. I have multiple of them as I usually can't find the one I'm looking for. They give great indication what size your knitting needles are - particularly if you have older models where it's not written on the needles.

Peggy Haynes

I always keep a needle sizer in with my supplies when crocheting or knitting as some of my needles don’t show a size on them...with a handy sizer you will always be assured you are using the correct needle or hook size for you project.


This is one of my favorite and most-used knitting tool. I have acquired so many needles of unknown sizes and this helps keep me organized. It is also really thin and fits easily in my project back.


The gauge is handy, but it's the fact that I can easily grab this and measure what I'm making seals the deal for me.
This is my companion for when I make headbands (for measuring the width).


It seems strange, but this needle sizer is something you will need if you are an avid knitter!
My needles have lost their printed number, so this needle sizer is so helpful for me!

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