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Row Counter

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Product information

Neat little manual row counter in a beautiful turquoise color. When you’ve finished a row, you simply click the white button at the top to register your progress. It’s a really handy helper when you need to, say, make decreases every 6 rows.

This row counter can count up to 99, and you can correct mistakes or reset the number using the buttons on the sides. It also has a locking mechanism at the bottom that ensures that it won’t click while it’s in your yarn bag ;-)


This is so much easier to use than the tiny little round row counters you put on knitting needles. The lock on the bottom stops the top from clicking accidentally, but doesn’t lock the side dials. The size fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. No fumbling for the lost ones anymore because it’s big enough to be seen. I highly recommend this.


Best row counter I've ever owned. Quick and easy to use. No knobs to turn like old school knitting needle counters which are also easy to lose when you crochet. Love the locking feature - no more losing track when turning a battery operated counter back on and having it reset. Love it!


This is a great counter. It makes a clicking noise every time you press it which is nice so you don't have to wonder if your click counted.


A great option for a row counter, I love that it has a switch on the bottom to lock it, so you don't accidentally click the button.


This counter has helped me keep my sanity! Love the locking switch and how easy this is to use!

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