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Lucky Bag Cotton - 20 Skeins

100% Cotton

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Yarn information

Here you get an exciting lucky bag containing 20 fabulous skeins of mixed cotton.

The thickness may vary, the yarn can be solid colors and print, from organic or conventional production, and from different manufacturers. However, each skein is made from 100% cotton. 

A completely random mix, meaning you can get 20 different skeins or 20 of the same. 

Only a limited amount. 

Good luck with your bag!


If you like a surprise, want something different, or are paralyzed by choice the lucky bags are great.
The first time I ordered 2 bags and they were both the same, mainly 8/4 weight with a little 8/8. I received a packet of the Christmas yarn plus some prints, as well as some baby cotton and Egyptian cotton.
The second time I ordered 2 bags expecting them to be the same however they were completely different.
One bag was more pinks and pastels and neutrals, again mostly 8/4 though there was some 8/6 an 8/8. The strange thing was a few times there was two balls of the same color but one was 8/8 and one 8/6. No Egyptian or baby cotton or prints this time.
The other bag had mostly bright colors and dark neutrals, mostly 8/4, some 8/6 and 8/8. This time there were 4 balls of Rainbow 8/4 deluxe so it was good to be able to compare that to standard Rainbow 8/4.
I will defiantly be buying these again, (if I can manage to get through some more of my stash). I do like a surprise.


I was hesitant when thinking of buying this item but ended up going for it on a whim. I am so glad i did! This was so fun and exciting, i got so many new colours i didn't have before and had few repeats i think only one, and it was a colour i needed anyways so it worked out perfect! I got a variety of weights of yarn tho most were 8/4 or 8/6, i usually go for 8/8 cotton in the rainbow line so it was nice to get some things i wouldn't normally pick. All of the yarn is soft and i will absolutely be using all of it at some point. I also got some from brands i wasn't familiar with that i will be looking into more from now on! 10/10 would recommend! I will likely buy this again at some point. Opening the bag was like getting a gift!


I have often been disappointed in the past when purchasing grab bags elsewhere but when I read through the description for these bags I figured they would be great! I wanted to get more 100% cotton yarns in my stash but had no particular project in mind so colors and weights didn't really matter all that much. I purchased two bags and love them both. In both bags I received two skeins each of 10 colors and mostly fingering weight. I thought this was a nice combination and it inspired me to start planning the Battenberg Blanket I've been wanting to make. The blanket will take up most of the yarn in these two bags (and then some!) so I will definitely be buying more!


I got 2 bags. Both bags had 10 of the same We love yarn 8/4 in the same color, a soft green (so I got 20 of that overall.) I also got 5 cotton kings 8/4 in a nice purple. I got several each of black and yellow cotton kings in 8/8 and about 8 of We love yarn 8/8 in a dark grey. ( Sorry I don't have the color names and numbers with me.) I expected something different from the other reviews, but I'm very satisfied with what I got. The yarn is all soft and easy to work with, and the black, yellow, and grey go together perfectly even though they aren't the same brand. The green stumped me for a moment but I am using it for Amigurumi and I like working with it.


I'm so in love! My 6 year old daughter is so excited over our bags. I ordered 3 and each was the same. I got 3 sets of the Christmas color yarn packs and my daughter wants me to make a Christmas tree and ornaments. She's already drawing out pictures of what she wants. The rest was a mix of cotton in various shades of lavender, both my daughter and my favorite color. 6 of them were lavender prints and so pretty. My daughter wants me to make her crocheted scorpions out of the yarn we got. It was even better then what I could have imagined. I never expected to get so much yarn in my favorite color!

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