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Easy Touch Crochet Hook Set - 9 sizes

2 - 6 mm (US B - J/10)

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Material:
    Aluminum / TPR
  • Sizes:
    2 mm ( B ) - 6 mm ( J-10 )
  • Length:
    13.7 cm (5.4")

Gorgeous crochet hook set at a really good price.

The Easy Touch Crochet hook set contains 9 crochet hooks in different sizes - 2 mm (B), 2.5 mm (C), 3 mm, 3.5 mm (E-4), 4 mm (G-6), 4.5 mm (7), 5 mm (H-8), 5.5 mm (I-9) & 6 mm (J-10).

The crochet hooks have a soft ergonomic grip in each of its characteristic colors and you can crochet with them for several hours without getting sore hands. The hooks are made from aluminum and are thus nickel-free. The more you crochet with these crochet hooks, the more you will love them :)

An absolute must-have for a real crochet enthusiast!


I love these hooks so much! I have EDS and these hooks are so easy on my joints. I wish they went up higher than 6 mm!! I also had an issue with one of the hooks, it was a bit jagged and was snagging the yarn, but customer service was amazing. They gave me a $5 voucher, which is more than the replacement hook cost, so that I could use it on a Black Friday order! A+ experience


I love these! I've mostly only worked with just plain metal hooks before and have tried a couple different types of "ergonomic" handled ones, but these are my favorite by far. They're easy to grip, comfortable in my hands, and I feel like I'm not cramping up as quickly while using these as compared to my plain metal ones.


I bought these hoping they would help me keep from getting cramps while crocheting. I am elderly. They indeed help and unlike metal hooks they are warm. They also have a nice weight. I also like the colors. All I have to remember is what color hook I am using for my project. Definitely worth the money.


I find crochet hooks without rubber on them hurt my finger and I get blisters. I bought these to try out and I love them, very comfortable and easy to control as they’re not slippery. I had a plastic crochet hook before and I find these ones hook onto the yarn better as they’re metal.


These hooks are amazing! I think I may even like them better than my clover hooks 🙊 which is saying a lot because I’ve always considered them the best hooks. I bought them for some student learning kits and had to test them out and then decided to keep a set for myself!

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