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Easy Touch Crochet Hook

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Material:
    Stainless steel/Aluminum & TPR
  • Sizes:
    0.5 - 10.0 mm ( P-10.5 )
  • Length:
    13 - 13.7 cm (5.1 - 5.4")
  • Color:
    Varies according to size

Gorgeous crochet hook at a really good price!

The Easy Touch crochet hooks are made with a soft ergonomic grip in each of its characteristic colors and you can crochet with them for several hours without getting sore hands. The hooks are made from aluminum and are thus nickel-free. The more you crochet with these crochet hooks, the more you will love them :)

An absolute must-have for a real crochet enthusiast!

We also sell these gorgeous crochet hooks in sets. See links above this text.


I ordered this hook in my first order but the bag came damaged by Canada post. They did their best to get everything to me but this hook, was missing. I contacted Hobbii and was issued a “code” for the price of the hook and shipping. Awesome customer service. I knew I was going to order again because I love the yarn I received and had other projects in mind. My second order came bag was perfect, no hole and everything in it. Shipping was less the 2 weeks over seas. Awesome customer service. Beautiful products. Loyal and happy customer


I love this little hook! I thought 3mm would be hard to work with, but I also thought that about my fingering yarn. The ergonomic design is great. Not too hard, not too soft. The coral color is easy on the eyes, and I liked how I didn't have to code the color, anyway. A nice surprise!! Hook itself is really smooth and pointy at the tip, to make for easy work with my projects. I have only used fingering yarn with this hook so far, and it works terrifically. I might get a couple more sizes of this type to complete my collection.


Bought one to see what it was like. It glides well and doesn’t split the yarn as it has a fairly rounded tip. Easy to work with as I can roll it easily when needed (fpdc). Grip stays on the hook so is much better than cheapies from elsewhere. I use a knife grip if that helps. Am definitely considering getting the full set.


I love all of the easy touch crochet hooks. Before these I just regular metal hooks and they were killing my hands and wrist. Ever since I switched to these, I haven't touched a regular metal hook again. I can crochet much longer without hand fatigue or my carpel tunnel doesn't flare up as bad.


Bought this Easy Touch hook in 1.5mm size as a "back-up" for the Clover Armour one I use every day. The handle feels very similar and comfortable. the "head" is bigger/longer than Clover so it's going to take getting used to for lace weight crochet work .

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