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Duo Touch Crochet Hook

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Material:
  • Sizes:
    2.0 (B) - 6.0 mm (J-10)
  • Length:
    16.3 cm (6.4")
  • Color:
    Varies according to size
  • Handle:
    Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) / ABS

Before you can start crocheting, you need the proper tools! 

With our Duo Touch Crochet Hooks, you’re well on your way to creating gorgeous crocheted projects. 

The crochet hooks have ergonomic handles made from a soft anti-slip material that won't slip or slide even when your hands get sweaty. Likewise, the ribbed effect on the front and sides help you grip the hook comfortably while you crochet. The hooks are made of aluminum to ensure strength and durability. 

Each hook has its own unique color, and the size is laser-printed on the front of the handle.

These lovely hooks can also be purchased in sets. Follow the link above this text. 

You’ll never want to use another crochet hook again after you’ve tried Duo Touch!


First the good things: the shape seems to be ergonomically friendly, and the metal hook flies through yarn very nicely.
Unfortunately, I have two complaints that will eventually render these hooks unusable. First, the metal hook easily pulls out from the plastic handle. This, I could deal with using some glue, so not too bad. Second, the grippy material on the plastic handle has started peeling off. I've made two projects with this hook and soon the grippy material where my fingers hold it will be completely gone.

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