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Crochet Gauge Ruler

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Product information

This lovely Hobbii crochet hook gauge can be used to measure the size of your crochet hooks. Everyone knows that hook sizes rub off quickly and that a size gauge may be necessary to find the right hook size. On one side you can measure hooks from 2.0 - 8.0 mm. On the other side you will find US units that measure hooks from B - L/11.


I have started collecting vintage crochet hooks, since some people say the older ones work better than the ones of the same brand that are made today. Then, there are also brands that are no longer manufactured - including my favorite, HERO. For instance, I have a plastic HERO hook that I'm very fond of that's labeled "J-9." These days, "J" hooks measure 10mm. My "J" is actually a modern "I!" I also have other hooks with no markings at all, and this gauge solves the mystery of what sizes they are. The gauge doesn't include a slot that fits a US "K" hook (which should be 6.5 mm), but it's easy to figure out the size since it falls in between the slots in the ruler. Note: I received a free knitting needle gauge, and the holes simply weren't as accurate for crochet hooks as this one is.

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