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Basix Birch Crochet Hook

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The crochet hooks are made from birch wood from the KnitPro Basix Birch series. The hooks display the natural characteristics and strength of the wood with the beautiful light birch colour.
The polished wooden surface is your guarantee that the hook will slide effortlessly through the stitches no matter which yarn you are working with. The hooks have grooves in the grip so as to avoid the stitches from sliding off.
The lovely natural material which is both light and strong, makes the hooks comfortable to use and make it possible for you to crochet for hours without getting tender hands and fingers.

Material: Birch


These feel so good in my hands. My grandmother taught me how to crochet years ago, and I inherited her hand carved wooden crochet hook. These are better than my grandmother’s because they are standard sizes that work for patterns. These feel so much better in my hands than bulky aluminum hooks that conduct the cold and make my hands ache. I can pass these on to my family. Wooden crochet hooks are difficult to find in the US.


Amazing crochet hook! This was my first large crochet hook. I used it for one of my jumbo yarns. Durable and sturdy. Very good pirchase!

Emma L

This is my first wooden crochet hook and I love it. I will definitely order more.

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