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Bamboo DPNs

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Double Pointed Needles made from the finest Japanese bamboo are a joy to knit with. The light weight material ensures that the needles are comfortable to use and that you can knit for hours without sore hands and fingers.

Bamboo is known to be both strong and lightweight.  The strength of bamboo is your guarantee of a durable product.

The needles are a great choice for beginners, as bamboo needles are easy to hold and provide good control.


I quite like these dpns, and have gotten a couple of sets now. The bamboo is sturdy but with a bit of flexibility to it, and they're well made: no flaws or rough spots on the needles. The price is absolutely excellent for the quality. The only downside is that the tips are designed to be a little blunter than I like, but that's really an issue of personal preference.

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