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Crochet Hook

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Product information

  • Category:
    Black Friday 2023
  • Brand::
  • Material:
    Bamboo and aluminum
  • Sizes:
    2,0 ( B ) - 5,0 mm ( H-8 )
  • Length:
    17 cm ( 6.7" )

Incredible crochet hook at an amazing price!

These crochet hooks were developed especially for you by Hobbii. We’ve made sure to give you a slightly longer handle so you can get a firm grip on the hook that’s also amazing to hold. The ultra-light grip made from incredible bamboo combined with the gold-colored hooks made from aluminum makes for a crochet hook like no other. 

Since bamboo is a natural product, the pattern and structure of the wood will vary from hook to hook. The size is engraved in the handle, so there’s no chance of it rubbing off with use. 

The more you work with these hooks, the more you’ll love them! 


I love my 3.5 and I’m getting a 3.0 too. I normally need a much more ergonomic handle but this smooth, wide, flat bamboo one works well for me probably because of how light it is. Simple but beautiful. I’m learning amigurumi with worsted weight yarns and this hook gets into my stitches great. The needle head is pointed nicely hut not sharp. I think I want slightly more point but I love using the point of the hook to pry up the stitch enough to get the head in.


I purchased this when I was in the middle of a big project with a very stiff yarn because my favorite all-bamboo 3.5mm hook suddenly snapped and broke. This hook is easy to hold, the bamboo handle feels good and the aluminum shaft is super strong. The hook is nicely rounded with no sharp edges. I will be getting the smaller sizes, too. I wish it came in 2.0mm.


I'm obsessed with these hooks! They have subtle curves in the handles that my fingers fit perfectly in. I like the longer handle also, and I always feel like I crochet faster with these than with my big bulky furls. And I love the range of size selection!


These are a little bit different from the ergonomic hooks I've been using, but they're fabulous! The materials are high quality and comfortable to work with. Little to no hand/wrist strain at all. I've started ordering these in every size I commonly use.


These hooks are fantastic. So light and comfortable to use. The flat design especially suits 'pen hold' and the hook part is long enough for the tallest stitches. The handle is very smooth compared to ergonomic and good quality. Highly recommended.

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