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Bamboo Crochet Hook

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Product information

Crochet hook made of the finest Japanese bamboo, makes crocheting an even greater joy.

Bamboo is known to be both strong and lightweight. This light weight ensures that the pins are comfortable to use so that you can crochet for hours without getting sore hands and fingers. 

The crochet needle is available in sizes 3-10 mm.


I'd used bamboo needles before, but hadn't yet tried out a bamboo crochet hook (only used metal ones). I got this one (a 5.00 mm) to have as a distinct hook from my others for a large temperature blanket project, and I'm such a huge fan! The point of it moves into stitches very nicely, and it was very easy to crochet with. I will say that I am starting to notice a bit of wear on the hook already (I got it about 3-4 weeks ago), but I've also been using it almost every day with cotton yarn, which may be wearing on it more quickly. Personally, I'd definitely recommend it, and even the wear that's happened thus far has not been getting in the way of it's utility. Probably will be getting some more bamboo hooks in other sizes the next time I have a big yarn order!

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