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It’s time to wind some yarn!

Hobbii’s yarn winder is a really great tool! When you wind your yarn with a yarn winder, you get beautiful skeins in the form of cakes that can stand up on their own. And you can even choose to pull the skeins from the inside or the outside on your newly wound skein. The yarn winder works well with a yarn swift if you’re winding your yarn from hanks. If you need to unravel your work, a yarn winder is also a great help. Just attach the yarn end to the tool, crank the handle, and you’ll soon have a beautiful skein to start over with. 


Attach the yarn winder firmly to a table (no thicker than 5 cm/2”) by tightening the screws under the table. Work the yarn through the metal eye and make a knot / make a loop at the end of the yarn. Attach the loop / yarn end to the notch on the bobbin, and VOILA - you can now wind beautiful skeins faster than you can by hand. 

Download our more thorough guide for the yarn winder here! The guide is available in Danish, English, and German. 

Dimensions: approx. 14 x 13 cm /5.5"" x 5"" (without the handle)
Material: Plastic, stainless steel, and iron
Colour: Off white & purple with a blue logo


My first yarn winder! I just bought it for the color, but it's so handy! Winds well and it shipped quickly to California.

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