Lucky Bag Shine - 500 g (approx. 18 oz)

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Yarn information

Here’s an exciting lucky bag containing 500 g (1.1 lbs) of mixed, shiny yarn.

The bags are mixed completely randomly, which means you may get skeins of different yardages, weights, and colors. You may receive a bag containing varying colors and skein types, or you may get a bag where all skeins are the same. Whether the yarn is made of wool, cotton, acrylic, or a blend is also a surprise. There’s no way of knowing. All you know for sure is that every skein will have some sort of shine. A shiny effect from the dying process, a reflective thread, or glittery metallic fibers … Well, you’ll have to wait and see! Do you want to take a chance on a fun lucky bag?

We only have a limited number in stock.

We wish you the best of luck! 


Very happy with the bag I received! My bag contains 10 skeins of the same type of reflective yard- 2 skeins of each color. The colors are all complementary and beautiful. While all the items are currently also on sale, getting the sample bag saved me $13.50 off the sale price, and it was a great introduction to this type of yard. If the yarn wasn’t on sale, it would be a savings of $67 USD! What a bargain for beautiful, high-quality yarn. Now to find a project to use it with- thinking of making something for our Westie and Scottie when walking them at night.


best ever!
i got 10 skeins of starlight in 3 beautiful colors, it was a yarn i’ve had my eye on for a while because it is simply so pretty:) this bag had a value of $94 and i paid $27!!!! can’t recommend lucky bags highly enough honestly, i’ve gotten quite a few of them at this point and i’ve always been so so so satisfied with the contents especially considering the price


I got 10 skeins of starlight in 5 colors. I gave 2 to a friend that works with a lot of wool. Keeping the other 8 as I love how they compliment each other. I'm thinking hats for my daughter's and I. Would definitely get this again.


Extremely happy with this bag! Received the star light wool for all 10 skiens, 4 purple, 3 navy and 3 creamy white color.


Got ten balls of Starlight yarn 3 in pink, 3 in dark gray and 4 in blue-ish gray. I was hoping for more of a variety because I’m not sure what to do with reflective yarn.

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