Flash it!

Worsted 80% Viscose, 20% Metallic fiber

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Yarn information

  • Category:
    Exciting things
  • Brand::
  • Content:
    80% Viscose, 20% Metallic fiber
  • Weight:
    50 g (1.75 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    90 m (98 yds)
  • Yarn Weight:
  • Recommended needles:
    6 mm (US 6)
  • Knitting gauge:
    17 stitches, 23 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Recommended crochet hook:
    7 mm (US ~K-10.5)
  • Crochet gauge:
    11 stitches, 14 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Care instructions:
    Hand wash recommended / Do not tumble dry / Low iron
  • Hashtag:

It is always a great idea to have some glitter in your project bag. With Flash it! you can finally stop looking for the perfect sparkling yarn. 

Flash it! is made out of 80% viscose and 20% of metallic fibers and has a chainette structure, which makes it lightweight, elastic, strong, and easy to work with. 

The color palette is vibrant and has all the essentials for you to unleash your creativity and turn everything into a shiny sparkle. 

Need some inspiration? Flash it! will work great with garments such as elegant tops, lightweight scarves and shawls, and sparkly bags and pouches. Get into the festive mood and use this yarn for your decorations and home decor projects such as placemats and coasters. If you don’t feel like going full-on with the glitter, use Flash it! to give a shiny detail in your projects, for example, stripes, edges, and cuffs. 

Your next project will definitely not go unnoticed with our Flash it! Are you ready to get the party started with Flash it!?

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I love so many things about this yarn. Here are my top 3 things. 1. The sparkle meter is pegged and that's always something to love. 2. I was worried that it might be itchy for a garment but it is not! 3. This yarn holds up very well to frogging! I would know, I've done it plenty with the projects I am making. Sparkle yarns (and particularly any yarns with a chainette construction) get all twisted and ratty looking but this one rips out looking like you just took it off the ball. It's amazing!


I ordered the Blue (09) and the Gold (01) and it’s so shiny and beautiful! While crocheting, the yarn is a little rough on your fingers to work with but is tolerable. Although, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it directly on your skin. The only complaint I have,is after cutting the yarn, the edges unravels and doesn’t stop. Just needed to be extra cautious so that doesn’t happen.


My crochet preference is to use simple patterns and let the yarn "say the rest". Flash It didn't speak, it shouted. I used it as as for the first few rows of a party halter top and it shouted volumes. It created a nice black sparkle on the Décolleté. Use sharp scissors. Its not scratchy but not pillow soft. Just the right amount of glam to make a pppp


Soft Yarn, so beautifully worked, I'll buy more of the colors for sure. It's not itchy at all. It might be a bit rough but not as much as i expected.


Negatives first so that you end on the positives. #1 it unravels if it doesn't get finished off right and it burns like a wick if you try to seal it off with fire. (that's kind of fun to do. I think it could be used as a fuse for a cannon or explosives) #2 a little rougher to work with than other yarns.

Positives last so you leave thinking of the best things: #1 IT'S SHINY!!! #2 The vibrant colors are awesome, #3 when it is made up, it's softer than you think it would be when you're making things with it. #4 there's a lot more on the spool than you think there is. you can see the spool cardboard, and still have A TON of length to use.

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