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Prym’s ergonomic circular needles are light and flexible quality needles which are incredibly comfortable to hold. The circular needles are ergonomically shaped so they feel good in your hands and you can knit for many hours without getting sore hands and wrists.

Prym’s ergonomic knitting needles won a Red Dot Design award in 2016, an annual product- and design competition which is the best seal of approval a product can get.

The cable is made of thin steel which makes the cables flexible and resistant, so they easily fold up without the risk of getting a bend.

The circular needles are available in two lengths: 23.62 inches (60 cm) and 31.5 inches (80 cm), and the following US sizes 2.5-17 (3-12 mm).

Please note that needles size 4 mm (US 6) and small have a round shape, while needles size 7 and above are triangular.

Laura Lake

I was skeptical that anything could be done to make a knitting needle more friendly for my sore hands: i was wrong! The funny , knobby tips are no problem, they get right into the stitches. I imagine a lace knitter would not care for them, but for regular gauge knitting they are superb. Excellent, smooth joins at the cable, as well. I only wish there were a shorter length, for hats and necklines. Highly recommended!


I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in my hands and find knitting with conventional circular needles difficult. The prym ergonomic circular needles are so much easier to use due to their triangular shape and the steel cable doesn’t twist and turn like traditional circular needles. I love working with them. What a wonderful product.

Paula Verry

I am so in love with my new needles. I bought them because of a product review and they are everything they advertise to be. Hobbit has excellent customer service. My order shipped to the U.S. and was here very fast.


I am a big fan of circular needles,metal,bamboo,and now plastic.These are very light weight,pleasant to use, and the yarn does not catch on space between the needle and the cable.Very happy with this purchase

Barbara Lankler

Great comfortable to knit with and I love the stitch definition I am getting with these. I will definitely be adding more of them to my collection.

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