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Ergonomic Crochet Hook

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Prym Ergonomic crochet hook is Prym's new flagship in quality crochet hooks, which is extraordinarily good as well as very pleasant to handle. The crochet hooks are ergonomically designed to hold your hands well and give you many hours of crochet without getting sore hands and wrists.

The crochet needles are 17 cm long and are sold in sizes from 3 mm - 15 mm.

The sizes are in different colors at the bottom of the crochet hooks, as you can see in one of the pictures.

Size: 3-15 mm

Length: 17 cm

Color: Purple / Nature

Material: Plastic


Initially, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend this much money on a crochet hook, but as most of my metal / plastic ones are separating due to the heat of my hands or the stress I put on them, I figured, why not give these a try. I have been using these hooks now for nearly a year and they are still working great. They are comfortable in the hand and the hook end is pointed enough to allow insertion into even tight stitches and the hook itself is deep enough to catch the yarn nicely. The only challenge I have at times is when using Sultan or similarly loose yarns, that I sometimes split the stitches or capture additional threats etc.


I’ve been on the hunt for comfortable hooks that feel sturdy and yet are flexible that allow for longer crochet sessions with minimal fatigue in my pre-arthritic hands, and these so far are my favorite. I’m working on a shawl with a cotton yarn, so even though the box/product says “for wool” I think most fibers will be okay. I also LOVE that the hooks are 1) color coded and 2) have the size in raised text that isn’t likely to rub away with prolonged use. Still only testing in the 3.5-4mm range, curious to see if a 5-6mm would have the same effects.


These hooks are the best I’ve ever bought! They have ergonomic properties which help prevent cramping even during the longest crochet sessions. The hook is nice and deep, and has both properties of inline crochet hooks and tapered crochet hooks, making my X stitches a breeze.
Normally I don’t like a plastic hook, since they are often bendy and very prone to breaking, but I don’t have these issues with this particular brand.

I have a set of smaller ones, but I’m very keen on collecting them all so I can continue making better products.


These are the best hooks I have ever used. I have tried many different styles and brands but this is by far the most enjoyable to work with. Comfortable in my hand, light and nicely balanced with a smooth glide. Also, the tips ares slightly pointed which makes it easier to insert into stitches. I had purchased a 6mm hook because it was the smallest size available where I shop in Canada. So glad to finally find the smaller sizes from your wonderful website so I have increased my stash of these excellent hooks!

Debbie J

I didn’t think I was going to like this hook as much as I do! I ordered the 4mm hook to use with the Sultan yarn. It took a little getting used to b/c the straight part of the shank is a bit longer than other ergonomic hooks. But now I don’t want to go back to working other projects because I’d have to use a different hook! I’m about to order a 3.5, 4.5, and 5mm - I’m sure before the year is out I’ll have the whole set and some duplicates :)

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