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Prym Ergonomic crochet hook is Prym's new flagship in quality crochet hooks, which is extraordinarily good as well as very pleasant to handle. The crochet hooks are ergonomically designed to hold your hands well and give you many hours of crochet without getting sore hands and wrists.

The crochet needles are 17 cm long and are sold in sizes from 3 mm - 15 mm.

The sizes are in different colors at the bottom of the crochet hooks, as you can see in one of the pictures.

Size: 3-15 mm

Length: 17 cm

Color: Purple / Nature

Material: Plastic


These are the best hooks I have ever used. I have tried many different styles and brands but this is by far the most enjoyable to work with. Comfortable in my hand, light and nicely balanced with a smooth glide. Also, the tips ares slightly pointed which makes it easier to insert into stitches. I had purchased a 6mm hook because it was the smallest size available where I shop in Canada. So glad to finally find the smaller sizes from your wonderful website so I have increased my stash of these excellent hooks!

Debbie J

I didn’t think I was going to like this hook as much as I do! I ordered the 4mm hook to use with the Sultan yarn. It took a little getting used to b/c the straight part of the shank is a bit longer than other ergonomic hooks. But now I don’t want to go back to working other projects because I’d have to use a different hook! I’m about to order a 3.5, 4.5, and 5mm - I’m sure before the year is out I’ll have the whole set and some duplicates :)


As a crochet enthusiast, I have a collection of hooks for different fibers. These Prym hooks are second to none with Wool and bristly fibers. The pointed head helps separate the loops that sometimes stick together as wool can do, especially fingering weight wool yarns. I use these for silk, alpaca, wool and wool blends, and acrylic-cotton blends. Hobbii has the best prices on these hooks, get them while you can! Your hands will thank you!


I LOVE these hooks! Very comfy and easy to work with. The combination of the smooth shaft and the deeper, more angled hook makes it really easy to work with a variety of yarns. I find I produce more consistent stitches at a faster pace; dropping my yarn less frequently as with hooks that have a more shallow, curved inner hook. I just bought one of each size I don't have to make a complete set!


This hook was joy to work with!!!! Smooth glide, lightweight- which is a must with the arthritis in my hands. The hook also has a slightly more pointed tip, which is a godsend for the amigurumi in finer yarn that my grandchildren love. Hobbii was a lifesaver here, because I couldn't find a 3mm ergo hook from any US supplier. I was so happy that I ordered 3 more hooks. Thanks so much, Hobbii!!!!

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