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Ergonomic Circular Needle Set

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Whether you’re a novice or a dedicated experienced knitter, you’ll love this little set of ergonomic circular needles from Prym. The set contains 3 circular needles, which each have their own color, to easily see the difference between them. The sizing is, of course, also written on each needle and the harmonic colors fit in well with the packaging, which completes the product. As is characterized by Prym’s ergonomic products, the needles are made in a synthetic material of high quality, which make them both light weight and slightly pliable for good and flexible knitting. They also have drop-shaped tips which glide easily through the yarn and assures that the yarn doesn’t easily glide off the tips. That is why these needles are good for beginners. With these needles, you are also free from the renowned clicking sound that is associated with knitting. These needles are silent! The wire is a thin metal thread covered in plastic, which makes it easy to work with without getting entangled.

Needle sizes: 3.0 mm – 3.5 mm – 4.0 mm
Material: Plastic and metal
Color: Alabaster white
Wire length: 80 cm 

NB: These needles are not sold separately, but exclusively as a set.

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