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Go Handmade

Embroidery Yarns 6-pack

100% Polyester

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
    Go Handmade
  • Content:
    100% Polyester
  • Yarn Length:
    8 m
  • Hashtag:

The yarn is satin soft and comes in the most beautiful matching color schemes. A single package contains 3 colors divided into 6 dolls. Each of the six dolls contains 8 meters of yarn with 6 threads.

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This is very great quality embroidery yarn! I needed to fill in some rose petals so I got the pink and red but this is really great if you are doing a small project or just trying out embroidery!


Very nice and sturdy embroidery yarn! I love the color palette of each pack. I like to crochet with this yarn to make tiny granny squares and earring motifs. :)

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