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Darning Needle with Blunt Tip

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This product can only be purchased with points
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Here you get a beautiful darning needle with a blunt tip. The blunt tip makes it extra easy to weave in ends on your knitting- or crocheting project. Due to the blunt tip, the needle does not get caught in the individual threads of the yarn, but slides along or through the yarn.

Finally, weaving in ends is a joy!

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Anita Vermilyea

I love these blunt tip needles for when Im making messy bun hat and I use a couple scruncii's in the top opening where the ponytail comes out so it has some stretch. When I use the sharp tipped needles I've found that they pierce the scruncii's and have had them snap on me and I have to catch all the stitches with a yarn needle and yarn before they unravel!!! These are awesome and I bought 2 for each of my crochet friends for Christmas!

Deedy Gregg

This is one of the best blunt tip darning needles I've ever used. The eye is large enough to accept even the bulkiest yarns. I love this fact as I'm elderly and my eyesight isn't what it used to be and threading needles can become a real challenge.


I like these a lot better than the plastic ones I had beforehand. Got it as a free gift with my order and would definitely recommend metal over plastic. Easy to work with and the tip is just small enough without being sharp. Great for weaving in ends.


These needles are perfect for putting kitted and crochet items together. They are less likely to split the yarn and have eyes that are large enough to get the yarn used to make the garment / item through. I'm very happy I got these.

Suzanne C

I received this with my first order of yarn from Hobbii. I am very happy to add it to my knitting tools. I am tempted to use it prior to finishing my current WIP but am worried I won't know where I started, lol. Thank you!

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