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Crochet School booklet

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You can now hold a very special booklet in your hands: CROCHETING SCHOOL by Sys Fredens.  

The booklet was originally published by Klematis in 2004 and has been discontinued after selling more than 35.000 copies.

In cooperation with designer Sys Fredens, Hobbii now has a unique opportunity to publish this iconic booklet that will help any beginner enter the crocheting universe safely and stylishly.

The booklet contains all the original patterns, now updated with yarns sold by Hobbii. The patterns in the booklet are timeless and still ideal for beginners who want to learn how to crochet from scratch, or intermediates who want to try their hands at crocheting a sweater. The booklet fits perfectly in your bag, but you also have the option of learning the techniques on Hobbii’s own YouTube channel. 

Sys Fredens writes: It’s amazing that this book can still inspire crocheters, whether they’re beginners or intermediates. The book opens with an introduction to crocheting to ensure that any reader will get off to a good start. The first patterns are simple, while the last patterns increase in difficulty. 

All designs are crocheted in neutral shades, but you can find all the yarns listed on Hobbii’s website in many wonderful colors to suit your specific tastes.

The following items can be crocheted with this booklet: 

  • Hat (100 g (3.5 oz) of Woolpower)

  • Scarf (200 g (7oz) of Woolpower)

  • Striped poncho (150 g (5.3 oz) of the light version and 150 g (5.3 oz) of the dark version of Summer Cloud)

  • Wrist warmers (100 g (3.5. oz) of Woolpower)

  • Bucket hat (200 g (7 oz) of Rainbow Cotton 8/6)

  • Granny square bag (200 g (7 oz) of Rainbow Cotton 8/6)

  • Long Slipover (300 g (10.6 oz) of Rainbow Cotton 8/8)

  • Shell pattern shawl (400 g (14.1 oz) of Snowstorm)

  • Sweater in puff stitch pattern (700 g Rainbow Cotton 8/6)

  • Chanel jacket (550 g (19.4 oz) of Summer Cloud)

Number of pages: 32
Author: Sys Fredens
Published: 2020


Perfect! I already had some crochet knowledge and wanted to expand beyond only using the stitch I had been taught with. Very easy to follow and understand, which is sometimes difficult regarding written instruction.


I love these! I bought them to add to some student learning bags I’ve created and I think they are simply perfect. I hope they will always be available so I can keep using them for this purpose!


Think I need one of these. Put on my wish list.


Got this for some friends that I teach. Good as support and reminder but not sufficient details to learn from it


This is not a book for the beginner, though if you know the basics it does give some simple patterns, etc.

From the second set of instructions, the book starts using terms with no definition, so, unless you already know what they mean, you can't follow the instructions. "Turn" "yarn over" "pull back" for example.

I ended up watching videos to learn, which made the book pointless, as these sorts of patterns are easily found free. Luckily it costs under $2, and can be kept nearby as a quick reference, but so can my phone.

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