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Crochet Organiser incl. extra marker pouch

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Complete your storage with this magical organiser. It is packed with pockets and compartments for various things. Furthermore, there is a little mini pouch with a zipper for your small, important stitch markers. This organiser has a neat design with either a solid-colored or flowery pattern inside and the little marker pouch matches the organiser’s inner pattern. All variations have a beige-colored exterior with a magnetic clasp in PU-leather. The material is delightful canvas cotton, the inner pockets are of quality cotton, and last but not least, the organiser is sewn with the finest stitches and details.

A quality product that will give joy to many crocheting and knitting enthusiasts.

Material: Cotton
Measurement of the organiser: 13 x 18,5 cm
Measurement of the marker pouch: 9,5 x 6 cm
Colors/variations: Beige - Beige Flowers - White Flowers

Please note that the small sleeves for crochet hooks are open at the bottom to best utilize the entire height of the organiser. 


I love this case. It solved all of my ergonomic hook storage issues!
I couldn't find a good organizer to keep mine in until now. The little stitch marker/small accessories zip pouch is perfect for holding a small darning needle to weave in those ends, stitch markers, and a tiny pair of snips.

It's also nice, as it isn't too bulky, even with a whole set of ergonomic handled hooks inside!

The only thing I wish was different: more outside color options.

This is honestly my favorite hook case that I have found.


I bought this pouch because I have crochet hooks of various shapes and sizes, and most regular hook cases have pockets that only accomodate hooks of a certain size and shape. But with this pouch, I can fit several crochet hooks in it, even though they are different sizes. Plus i got the one with the flowers inside, and it’s cute!☺️


This is a very nice organiser. It fits in your WIP bag, and it can contain lots of hooks, which are easy to access.
It is a great purchase.


Very nicely finished case. I have quite a few ergonomic hooks which won't fit in the case as it isn't quite tall enough (I did measure before ordering) but did not take into account that the case tapers at the bottom like a file folder. I would recommend either a longer front flap, a longer snapped strap, and/or a bottom that expands a bit. Love the idea of the case and will keep it to use when traveling with limited hook sizes.


This hook organiser is great and holds a lot. The only thing I don’t like is that the ergonomic hooks above about a 5mm don’t fit into the hook slots and you have to keep them in the open slots. That said, I can still store all of my supplies in it so long good.

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