Crochet Hooks for Wool with Soft Grip

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Here is a good quality crochet hook from Prym with soft grip, which feels soft and comfortable in your hand without it slipping. It even adapts to your hand as you work. This crochet hook for wool, in silver metal, is an idea for when you crochet hats, bags, scarves, blankets and other accessories.

The hook is found in a wide range of sizes from 2-12 mm, which gives you the chance to crochet anything from the smallest stitches to the largest patterns with the thicker yarns. Each hook has the size indicated in different colored print on the anthracite colored handle.

The length varies after the thickness of the hook:
2-6 mm = 14 cm
7-9 mm = 16 cm
10-12 mm = 17 cm


I bought several sizes in these hooks, and I must say, that although they are quite plain looking compared to all of the colorful and beautiful hooks out there, they are SUPER lightweight and I love using them! Cannot go wrong with these if you are looking for something lightweight.

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