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Crochet hook set - 14 sizes

2 - 12 mm

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Material:
    Aluminum and ABS plastic.
  • Sizes:
    2 mm ( B ) - 12 mm ( O/16 )
  • Length:
    13-16 cm (5.1-6.3")

Here you can get your hands on our beautiful rose gold crochet hook set. The set contains everything the advanced crocheter need when it comes to crochet hooks.

The set contains 14 crochet hooks in the following sizes:

B/1, C/2, E/4, G/6, 7, H/8, J/10, L/11, M/13, N/15, O/16 (EU: 2 - 2,5 - 3 - 3,5 - 4 - 4,5 - 5 - 5,5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 and 12 mm).

This crochet hook set is nickel free, made of anodized aluminum and the handles are made of ABS plastic. 

The hooks are delivered in a practical case which is made of black linen and it’s closed/opened with a zipper. Due to the beautiful rose gold finish, these crochet hooks are a true pleasure to work with.

Happy crocheting!


These hooks are most beautiful! They have the elastomer handles, which makes them comfortable to use, especially if you have arthritis. The hook heads are wider than the Amour hooks, which I am currently using, and the Hobbii hooks themselves are, up to size 6mm, are about an inch shorter. The rose gold heads on these Hobbii crochet hooks are shiny and slick, and the yarn slides easily across them - also good for the arthritic person, like me! It is wonderful to have so many sizes available in one set, so that I shall never have to search for the right size hook again. The case for these lovely hooks is perfectly made and compact - you would never think that it holds all those hooks. Each hook has its own well-made place to be. The Hobbii Crochet Hook set is the perfect set, and I feel so lucky to have found it. Thank you, Hobbii!

Destiny Herring

I have carpal tunnel in both of my hands and these crochet hooks are life savers especially when using finer yarn. I absolutely love them!! I can crochet for a much longer time now.

Jan Lang

Love these crochet hooks, they are so comfortable to use, love the brand,I have found they are the best, now I have a set 2-12 mm hooks,, all the hooks I need in a very smart case.


This is my favorite set to take to classes. The finish is smooth and the case zipper glides.


I really love these hooks and their case. Very comfortable to use. The plastic is hard but soft feeling (not sure if that makes sense).
My only issue is I’ve used 2 hooks (3mm 4.5mm) and both of them made a clicking noise during use. Only used for just over a week. Which makes me wonder how long they will last. If they didn’t creak I would be giving 5 star but for the price I expected them not to creak so much.
But who knows I’ll put up another review if one does break.

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