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Colored Bells

24 pcs.

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Number:
    24 pcs.
  • Sizes:
    10mm & 14 mm in diameter
  • Color:
    Assorted colors

Bells/rattle bells in various colors and sizes.

Find patterns for this product here: Patterns (3)


I'm making an Advent calendar with these, and they'll go on the roof, to look like Christmas lights. I must say, they are doing their job really well! Sounds like Santa is on the roof with the added jingle. I'm so glad these were on sale! I bought 4 bags, and I'm using all of them. Lol


I got these to sew onto a toy I was crocheting, then I realized they would be a total choking hazard😅 so I'll have to think of some other use for them because they're super cute. Maybe an adult Christmas sweater or something...


Great price for a bunch of miscellaneous bells. I got 12 pairs which was great (a pair = two of same size and color) as I used them as embellishments on the drawstrings of bags I crocheted to use as gift wrapping.


Different colours, different shapes, different sizes: just lovely.

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