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Here you get the addiBasic interchangeable circular needles series in brass. addi is known for producing high quality products, and they certainly live up to their slogan in this case “Luxury for your hands”. These interchangeable circular needles are hollow, which helps heat spread easily through them, so that the needles don’t feel cold. Being hollow, the needles are also noticeably light. The addiBasic series has regular points, which makes them ideal for anyone who likes to move the stitches by pushing them with your fingertips without pricking yourself.  

All in all, you get a durable needle that’s comfortable to hold in your hand.

The needles have smooth, white bronze coated brass tips and the metal is nickel free. The needles got the nickname “Turbo” because they have all the traits that will help you knit faster than lightning. The needles are well-suited for wool yarns.

These interchangeable circular needles are easy to use. Attach the needles to the chosen addi-Click cable, turn it slightly, and “CLICK” – you’re good to go. To loosen the cable from the needle again, turn it the opposite way and pull the two parts apart.

Please note that the cables are not included in this purchase. You’ll find them via the link above the text. In this package you only get two circular needles without wires.

All wires and circular needles in the addi-Click series are compatible with each other.

Length of needle: 13 cm (5.1”)
Needle sizes: 3.5-10 mm (US: 4 – 15)
Materials: Nickel free brass
Color: Silver

addi's headquarters and factory are situated in Germany.

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