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Circular Needles - Turbo

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This is the series of addi circular needles in brass. addi is known for producing high quality products and this product also lives up to their slogan which is "Luxury for the hands". These circular needles have needles that are hollow inside, which helps to regulate the heat and the needles don’t feel cold. The cavity also makes the needles remarkably lightweight. The addiBasic series has regular points, which makes them ideal for anyone who likes to move the stitches by pushing them with your fingertips without pricking yourself.

All in all, these are knitting needles that are comfortable in your hands and are very durable. 

You can use these circular needles for all kinds of projects. If you need an extra long knitting needle or want to knit a sweater in the round, then this is a top quality choice. The circular needles have smooth, white-bronze-plated brass tips, the metal is nickel-free, and the transition between the needle and the wire glides like a dream without the yarn getting stuck. You can really get some speedy knitting going! That’s why these circulars have earned the nickname "Turbo".

The wire on this circular is soft, strong and flexible. The strong steel wire is coated with gold-colored PVC plastic, and both length and size are printed directly on the cable. We think that's very clever!

This Circular Needle is especially good for wool yarns!

Lengths: 40 cm - 60 cm - 80 cm
Needles sizes: 2 - 15 mm
Material: Nickel-free brass coated with white bronze & PVC plastic
Color: Silver & Gold

Addi’s headquarters as well as factories located in Germany. 


Love the Turbos with gold cords! These Addis are hypoallergenic and gold cord is nice flexible. They are a professional, high quality needle needle. The tip end is good for ‘tappers’, the needle body is smooth, lightweight and easy to use. They give good feedback in terms of the sound they make when you knit.


I am a recent convert to Addi Turbo's they are amazing and the best of any needle I've tried! Now I need to rebuy everything because I'm in love! thank you Hobbii <3


The 40cm is great for knitting smaller things like hats and sleeves. They're great quality needles! I also like that the size and length is printed on the cable itself.


Addi Turbo is great needs, awesome quality. This needs something that help to enjoy big knitting projects. Yarn moves very easy through the cord. I just love them!


Yes these are real addi turbo needles. The stitches remain even, no catching or snagging. Nothing but smooth knitting. Love my addis.

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