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Cedar Woods Balls

20 pcs

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Number:
    20 pcs.
  • Material:
    Cedar wood
  • Diameter:
    22 mm (0,86 inches)

Do you want to take care of your projects in a natural way? These cedar wood spheres will protect your creations and clothes from moths thanks to their mild scent. 

Cedar wood is a fantastic natural antibacterial and it absorbs moisture as well as odors. Hence, it is ideal to be kept in closets, drawers, wardrobes, etc. 

This product will be your garment’s best friend and it will last a long time. To have the aroma refreshed, you can simply sand the product a bit and it will be ready to be used over and over again. 

If kept in closed spaces for long periods of time, cedar wood oil can permeate through the wood fibers in the form of white-colored crystals. You can easily clean the crystals off, if necessary, using a soft brush or a soft cloth.


They smell great! So easy to divide into small muslin bags to disperse throughout my drawer.

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