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Go Handmade

Cardigan Cable

Size 3 mths.:
75 g Go Handmade Tencel (Double thread)
Size 6 mths.:
225 g Go Handmade Tencel (Double thread)
Double pointed knitting needles (DPNs) 3,5 mm
Circular knitting needle 3,5 mm
Tension with 3,5 mm (Double thread): 26 sts = 10 cm
Yarn lengths are guideline only.

Good to know
Go handmade’s collection is developed and handcrafted
by the expert hands of passionate knitters.
All are knitted to meet what we find is a medium tightness
and what suits the article.

Needle size and tension
Knitters knit very differently: some knit with a needle size
2,0 mm and obtain the same size of design quality as a
person who knits with a needle size 4,0 mm. We owe this
knowledge to the team of knitters who join us.
The key to knit a specific size is a lot about the knitting
style/hands/skills, rather than the size of needles.
Therefore, we will recommend a range of needle sizes.

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