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Cable Needles - Straight

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Number:
    3 pcs.
  • Material:
    ABS (plastic)
  • Sizes:
    4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm
  • Length of needles:
    9.7 - 11.4 cm ( 3.8 - 4.4" )
  • Color:
    Mixed pack with turquoise, green, and pink

Set of three Cable needles/stitch holders that help you keep the stitches in place until they need knitting. These needles are straight and have grooves in the middle to prevent the yarn from sliding off. 

This set of cable needles contains three different sizes. Each size has its own color, as shown in the photo (however, the colors may be switched).

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These are my favorite stitch holders, I love them for cabling! The notches hold your stitches really well when working with slippery yarns or knitting two strands together!


J'adore ces aiguilles à torsades! Quelle bonne idée. Elles m'ont été offerte en cadeau avec ma commande. Merci!!!


I find this style of cable needle much easier to use than the kinds with dips.


Fonctionnent très bien, reçues dans ma commande. Bien contente!


I'm really not a fan of these. The notches do hold the stitches well, but then it's a pain to slide the stitches to one end or the other so you can work them. I wish the tips were sharper and it's annoying that the plastic isn't smooth and snags my yarn.

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