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Cable for Interchangeable Circular Needles


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An excellent cable set from Knitpro made of nylon. The cables come in different color combinations and are both resilient and flexible. The transitions from cable to “join” are smooth, with no cracks or bends. 

The set includes:

  • 1 cable
  • 2 end caps
  • 1 cable key

All parts are compatible with all types of KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles/crochet hooks in any material!

Use the small cable key to ensure a tight connection between cable and needle. Insert the end of the “key” into the small hole on the screw-in "join" and work it all the way through to form a handle. Tighten the needle tip while keeping a firm grip on the “key”. You can find a video link on this page. 

Use the end caps when you need to put your work on hold. The needle tips are exchanged for the stoppers to keep the work safe and secure on the cables. Simply screw the stoppers onto the cable the same way as you would the needles.

NOTE! Please note that the length of the cables includes the needles:

40 cm (15.7”): the cable is 20 cm (7.9”) long without needles
50 cm (19.7”): the cable is 28 cm (11”) long without needles
60 cm (23.6”): the cable is 35 cm (13.8”) long without needles
80 cm (31.5”): the cable is 56 cm (22”) long without needles
100 cm (39.4”): the cable is 76 cm (29.9”) long without needles
120 cm (47.2”): the cable is 94 cm (37”) long without needles
150 cm (59.1”): the cable is 126 cm (49.6”) long without needles


I like these cables a lot. They differ from the standard red ones that come with the knit Pro set in colour and I also find they don't undo as easy. I got them in various colours and painted white marker stripes on to indicate the length - so I don't have to unrole all to find the one I need. Stitches flow nicely over it. When using very thin needles, the transition from cable to needle can be a bit stiff.


I ordered a cable length of 120 cm. Good quality. Keep in mind that the length of the cable with the needles is 120 cm, but the cable itself is 100 cm long.


Ordered the 60cm cable for use with a symfonie tunisian crochet hook. Cable attaches securely and is light enough to not hinder crocheting.


They came precisely as ordered. Lovely colors and I am excited to use them. They are sturdy and fits my needles perfectly!


It's sturdy and very good quality. I have been using this type for a lot of tight knits, and it works very well.

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